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Dr. Jeff Wallace of Complete Health Chiropractic has mastered several techniques because no chiropractic treatment is ideal for every problem. Trust Dr. Jeff to assess your unique condition and choose the best treatment to relieve your specific aches and pains.


The techniques below employ different adjustments. All the techniques use quick, controlled thrusts to move subluxated or misaligned joints or discs. Nothing should hurt. Just don't be alarmed by any cracking or popping from released gas in the affected joints' fluids.

Targeted techniques to address your physical troubles

This is the chiropractic standard taught in all chiropractic schools to address specific spinal subluxations and restore normal biomechanical functions. Other diversified methods adjust extremity joints — useful for treating sports injuries. To analyze and diagnose the source of the pain, we rely heavily on X-rays and case histories. Then we employ motion palpitation, or manual thrusts, to correct mechanical spine distortion.


Dr. Jeff uses a small triggering tool to apply a small controlled force to move vertebrae gently and painlessly. The activator is especially effective for correcting severe misalignments.


In this technique, we employ traction or stretch parts of your spine to correct disc compression and reduce lower back pain.

Cox flexion distraction

Here we focus as much on neighboring muscles as on misaligned bones. Light massage on affected reflex and acupressure points helps restore normal muscle behavior, which in turn allows adjustments to correct bone position more effectively.

Applied kinesiology

This technique starts with spinal X-rays to identify troublesome alignments and suggests the adjustments needed to correct them. Adjustments administered with little or no rotational force make this a gentle yet effective treatment.


In this procedure, Dr. Jeff employs light manual force to identify joints’ current movement patterns, fixation, and impingements. Light manual adjustments are also the tactic for correcting the problem areas he locates.

Motion palpitation

For this precision adjustment, Dr. Jeff will place his hands over your subluxation and quickly snap his elbows to employ sudden but strong pressure to start moving the misaligned bone. This is not what you may think of as joint "cracking."

Palmer toggle recoil

Focusing upon the pelvis works upon the principle that healing flaws in your spine’s foundation will radiate positively throughout, all the way to your neck. Here, we place soft padded blocks beneath your pelvis and let gravity help the body adjust itself.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

This technique starts with leg measurement and analysis to identify your pain’s likely source. A manual thrust — while a portion of the table itself drops — effectively moves vertebrae, and begins the process of reducing your pain.


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The perfect adjustment may just be a different technique