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If you have visited Complete Health Chiropractic before, you know Dr. Jeff will answer any questions you have. Many people who would greatly benefit from chiropractic pain relief methods don't really know much about it. Here's your chance to learn more.

Informative answers to frequently asked questions

A study from New Zealand’s government finds chiropractic adjustments “remarkably safe.” Manipulating your spine may sound scary, but statistically it’s roughly 100 times safer than taking a drugstore aspirin or other pain relievers.

How safe is chiropractic care?

Generally speaking, it’s a quick targeted thrust intended to increase motion in a compromised spine that doesn’t move as it should. Some adjustments are manual, while others use an instrument like an activator or a special chiropractic table.

So what exactly is an adjustment?

True pinched nerves rarely occur. If you believe you’re suffering from one, you probably feel a subluxation — a nerve rubbed, stretched, or irritated by a neighboring spinal bone. Of course, the pain can be just as intense. By distorting the messages sent between your body and brain, subluxations can trigger harmful alterations to any organs or tissues that the affected nerves touch.

Is a subluxation just a fancy word for a pinched nerve?

Physical explanations include slips, falls, accidents, repeated movements, and poor lifting techniques. Emotions such as stress, anger, fear, and grief can trigger them also. The other causal factors are chemical – exposure to pollution, alcohol, drugs, or even a poor diet.

What causes subluxations?

Ordinarily, no. Once a spinal bone strays from its proper position, it tends to remain there without intervention. Your brain requires only 3-4 days to assume that the altered location is permanent. At that point, your body attempts to compensate accordingly.

Do subluxations heal themselves over time?

Absolutely! X-rays eliminate guesswork and contribute to an accurate diagnosis for what’s causing your pain. If you’ve had an X-ray within the past 6 months, that’s probably sufficient. Otherwise, Dr. Wallace prefers not to guess about your health and will offer recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

Should I have an X-ray?

No. Adjustments reduce or remove interference from your nervous system, allowing your body to regain intended functionality.

Can excessive adjustments cause additional problems?

No. The only spinal joints we’ll adjust are those that seize up or become seemingly stuck. Adjustment allows weakened ligaments and muscles to stabilize and heal. Dr. Jeff completed years of extensive training to ensure that your adjustment will be safe and properly targeted. And 16 years in practice have further honed his skills.

Can an adjustment cause my bones to move too much?

It depends upon the severity of your issue and on your own personal health goals. As your spine stabilizes, you’ll need adjustments less frequently. But many of our patients enjoy fabulous results with regularly scheduled maintenance appointments.

How many adjustments will my treatment require?

Again, it depends. Some people feel almost instant relief. For others, it takes weeks or months. It depends on the extent of your spinal misalignment, the frequency of adjustments, and general health factors like exercise, rest, and nutrition. Most patients enjoy a noticeable reduction of symptoms within a dozen adjustments.

How long will it take for my pain to go away?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Dr. Jeff will provide the information you need to make a wise choice. After the initial problem clears up, many patients elect to pursue an ongoing schedule to ensure the correct alignment keeps the pain away.

How long must my chiropractic care continue?

Spinal bones are delicate and must be precisely repositioned. Cracking or popping your neck or back can actually worsen your pain by creating too much movement of weak muscles and ligaments. Even experienced chiropractors consult colleagues for a tricky adjustment, and just making something “pop” can do more harm than good.

Why can’t I just adjust myself?

Childbirth is enormously stressful for the child as well as the mother. Just imagine the twisting upon of still-growing spines. Some studies identify spinal distress as a likely cause of chronic problems like colic, poor appetite, ear infections, crying, and poor sleep habits. Dr. Jeff’s pediatric adjustments are so gentle that he uses no more pressure than you’d use to gauge a ripe peach or tomato.

Why do you adjust infants and children?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no — it’s up to the terms of your policy. But if your plan doesn’t cover chiropractic, don’t let Big Insurance’s profit margins needlessly keep you in pain. Just talk to the front desk, to learn how we can try to make critical chiropractic care more affordable.

Will my insurance cover chiropractic treatment?

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