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Complete Health Chiropractic is equipped with contemporary diagnostic devices and therapeutic accessories. For the best possible care, our X-ray machine precisely pinpoint causal issues, which we then can address on a versatile treatment table.

State-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment

Our electronically controlled X-ray unit features short exposure times. That provides a safe experience and critical diagnostic information.

X-ray machine

This simple table allows you to lie comfortably on your stomach so Dr. Jeff can adjust your back more effectively. We use it chiefly for exams and to perform basic adjustments on infants and children.

Standard exam table

This advanced table offers unmatched versatility, allowing Dr. Jeff to perform a variety of adjusting techniques. Just step on to the foot pad, and we’ll raise you into position hydraulically. No more risking extra pain by heaving yourself onto the table!

The Lloyd Galaxy McManis table

Few practices have a heated, dry hydrotherapy table ideal for treating muscle spasms and lowering stress. This unique table combines flotation, heat, massage, and 5 rotating hydro jets from your cervical spine to the sacrum. It permits a multipronged approach for consistent successful pain relief.

The Aqua Therma-Massage table

This specialty table lets us mobilize your spinal column while gently stretching your muscles and ligaments. You’ll enjoy increased flow of both oxygen and blood to your soft tissues and discs. This boosts mobility, balance, and strength.

Intersegmental Traction table

Consider this your haven in a heartless world. Warm temperatures, low light, and soft music make an oasis for healing. Loosen specific knotted muscles with a deep tissue massage, or just pamper yourself to get the blood flowing from your head to your toes. You’ll be amazed how you can be energized and relaxed simultaneously.

Massage Therapy room

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Modern devices make it easy to get the treatment you need

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